Who we are and what we do?

We are a small company based in the very heart of Ukraine - the city of Dnipro. We design, create & sell worldwide Nixie clocks - unique vintage-looking and extremely eye-catching high-tech devices. These timepieces feature display technology from Cold War era combined with contemporary electronics for truly pleasant visual and utilitarian experience. Treat yourself or make an unforgettable gift to your friends, check out models available in the shop.

Why to choose our products?


High quality

Only professional, highly-skilled workers are involved as well as best quality materials are used in the production process. Automation applied for all high-precision works - SMT parts are soldered by robot, enclosures are milled on accurate CNC machines. We seriously take all measures to keep the risk of faults and errors at minimum.

Affordable price

During USSR times, Ukraine had a few Soviet factories that produced Nixie tubes. That result in lower than average tube prices comparing to other countries. Add cheaper labour force and in the end of the day we offer fair, reasonable and very competitive price.


Support and Warranty

We value every single customer and appreciate their trust in us. Every purchase helps us to focus on further development and improvement of the product. In return we offer lifetime warranty for electronic components and 1 year limited warranty for the display tubes.


We sell fully assembled and well tested products. Each clock is bundled with a complete set of accessories (AC adapter with plug type of your choice, IR-control, etc). All the orders are accurately and securely packaged to keep your precious timepiece intact during shipping. And, to top it off, the shipping is free, no hidden fees or handling charges.

Showcase of available products

Below are listed our best selling items.


Our stores

We are proud to promote our products at world-known selling platforms. Find us at eBay, Etsy and Tindie.

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