IN-14 Nixie tube clock without enclosure (140 USD)


This clock is a combination of modern technologies and vintage nixie tubes. It is a perfect option for designers and those who want to make thir own enclosure.

The clock is built with 6 IN-14 numeric nixie tubes.

Built-in RGB led back-light (with 51 levels for each channel) allows you to set your favorite color.

Simple user-friendly menu (navigated with three buttons) drives you through all settings. Mode button click changes menu position and plus/minus buttons changes values.

Time accuracy is provided with built-in RTC (Real Time Clock) module and backuped with CR2032 battery while the clock is powered off.

The clock has a “Slot Machine” feature (spinning all numbers from 0 to 9) that helps to prevent cathode poisoning. It is very necessary as it prolongs lifespan of nixie tubes. The period of the feature could be adjusted with a programmable setting of the clock menu.

Current date is shown each 5-th minute in following format: MM:DD:YY. 12/24 hour format.

There is also three modes for colon tubes: 1) Blinks once a second (is set as a default option); 2) permanently OFF; 3) permanently ON.

Clock could be set to beep once an hour (when hour starts). This option is disabled by default.

The clock also has an alrm feature.

All setting are stored in non-volatile memory (settings are restored after power-offs).

Buying our product you get completely assembled, ready for use and well tested clock. DC power adapter and user manual are provided.

The PCB has following dimensions: height - 27 mm; width - 165 mm: lenght - 65 mm. Tube height is: 45 mm. Digits size in tube are - 18 mm.

How to buy

You can buy out the clock from our website via PayPal button or make a purchase on eBay. Ebay option is slightly more expensive due eBay fee.

Shipping is for free via International Air mail with tracking number.