Reviews and customer feedback

Where can I check other customers feedback or reviews before I place my order?

We have a store at eBay and Etsy and you can check the feedback there. Also we have account at TrustPilot. We are proud to have a review from professional reviewer like Kaminsky blog.

Placing order

Should I receive any order confirmation email?

Unfortunately our website does not support automatic order confirmation emails. But you will receive an email from paypal which also confirms that the payment was sent to our partners payment system called

What is the currency used on the website?

All the price are in USD. If your primary currency is a different one - Paypal will be offering conversion to USD according to their current exchange rate.

Why my payment was made to and who they are?

Since Paypal is not available for Ukrainian citizens we have to use intermediate service for receiving payments. They will receive your payment and transfer it to our account shortly. Please do not consider them as a scam.

What is the handling time?

Normally it takes up to 3 days to send your orders out. But since the demand may vary the handling time may take a couple of extra days..

Is there any warranty?

Sure, we offer lifetime warranty for electronics and 2 year warranty for tubes. In case of any issues - we will make a free repair. The warranty for tubes covers up to 3 tube replacements. All the tubes are in sockets and could be replaced locally by hand. It does not require any soldering. Here is a short demo video of such repair.


What is the shipping price?

We offer FREE shipping via International Air mail service to any country in the world. Also we can send packages via UPS express for extra money - this option is way faster, but may be a subject of import taxes in destination countries (depends on local import tax policies). Please make sure you are aware of these taxes before choosing UPS express - eligability for paying taxes is on recepients.

Do i pay the import taxes?

Unfortunately eligability for paying taxes is on customers. So if you have a low free import limit in your country please consider it before placing your order. Customers are responsible for paying these taxes. Some of the countries have high import limit and there is nothing to worry about (e.g. in the USA - $1000 USD).

How do I track my order?

All the packages by default are shipped via Ukrainian Post (International Air Mail). Once your order is shipped - we will send you an email notification with a tracking info. Something like this RG123456789UA. With this number you can get a detailed tracking history from Ukrainian Post website here. And then depending on the destination country use your national post website.
USA - USPS website
United Kingdom - Royal Mail
Italy - Poste Italiane
Global tracking website - 17track website
Unfortunately for some reason Canada Post and Australian Post do not track packages from Ukraine.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

It all depends on destination country and how fast your local Customs Office will process the clearance. Also please not that some delays may occur during Christmas season (November - December).
Europe - 8-14 days
UK - 7-10 days
USA, Asia, Australia - 14-20 days

Is there any expedited shipping options?

We offer UPS Express shipping as an alternative to free option. For extra $15 we can upgrade the shipping method to UPS express. Normally it takes them 7-10 days (depending on destiantion country) to deliver pacakges worldwide. Please note that it may be eligable for import taxes in your country since for UPS express we have to declare real values in paperwork (for free shipping we declare $10 by default - in some cases it helps to save money).

PCB color

What colors are available?

Our default color is Black matte. But you can also get old-school green. It will have matte finish as well.

Engraved text

How can I add my custom message?

Sure, we added a possibility to engrave your greetings message to the plastic bottom of our clocks. All the messages are limited by 100 symbols, but we can try to squeeze bigger messages onto the lid surface upon request. Email us for more information.


What is the average lifetime of a Nixie tube?

According to the datasheet of one of the most popular IN-14 Soviet made Nixie tube the minimal lifetime is 5000 hours which is even less than one year. But in fact the major number of Nixie tubes will serve for many years (or even decades as some Nixie clock owners say). However, since all the Nixie tubes that we use in our clocks were discontinued 30 years ago (the last batch's date code was dated by late 80s) there is a chance that some of the tubes may die earlier. The main reason is that some tubes may start to leak after such stress like shipping or mounting them into sockets - any kind of physical impact (even after few month later after shipping). Glass to metal seal (place where wires feeds through the glass) is the weakest place of any Nixie tube. Applying stress to this seal may cause a tiny cracks in glass that leads to a leak of atmosphere into glass envelope and eventually tube dies.


What is the difference between Nixie tubes?

First of all - is the size. Depending on a size the price of tubes are formed. The most common Nixie tube IN-14 has a middle size and thus is the most affordable and popular.
The second criteria, which is also considered is a shape of "5" digit. The most available and common Nixie tube IN-14 has a upside-down "2". Due to some reasons (probably economy) soviet engineers decided to reuse some materials.
For more obvious comparison see the image below.

Power supply


What type of power supply is used with these clcoks?

All of our Nixie clocks are powered by 12v and at least 0.5A. The average current consumption is 0.2-0.3A though. The power socket on clock or power jack on power source has followitng specs - 2.5mm x 5.5mm. In case we are out of stock of some power supplies you can always find them at amazon here.

Got more questions? Feel free to contact us!

We are always happy to answer all your questions. The fastest option is an email. But any other way will be fine too.