What is the shipping price?

The shipping is absolutely FREE. To any country in the world.

How do I track my order?

All the packages by default are shipped via Ukrainian Post (International Air Mail). Once your order is shipped - we will send you an email notification with a tracking info. Something like this RG123456789UA. With this number you can get a detailed tracking history from Ukrainian Post website here. And then depending on the destination country use your national post website.
USA - USPS website
United Kingdom - Royal Mail
Italy - Poste Italiane
Global tracking website - 17track website
Unfortunately for some reason Canada Post and Australian Post do not track packages from Ukraine.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

It all depends on destination country and how fast your local Customs Office will process the clearance. Also please not that some delays may occur during Christmas season (November - December).
Europe - 8-14 days
UK - 7-10 days
USA, Asia, Australia - 14-20 days

Is there any chance to deliver my order by this weekend?

Yes, we offer DHL Express shipping as an option. But they are quite expensive guys. The price will vary depending on destination country and city location. To get the exact price please contact us at with your country name, city name and zip code. Basically prices will start from:
USA - $60
Asia - $75
Europe - $50
South Africa and Australia - $90

Do i pay the import taxes?

This question is more likely to be asked by EU customers. Unfortunately Ukraine is not a part of the EU. Therefore all the packages from Ukraine are eligable for import taxes. Please consider it before placing your order. But as default all our clocks are declared with a value of 10 USD - in some cases it helps to save money.



What is the difference between Nixie tubes?

First of all - is the size. Depending on a size the price of tubes are formed. The most common Nixie tube IN-14 has a middle size and thus is the most affordable and popular.
The second criteria, which is also considered is a shape of "5" digit. The most available and common Nixie tube IN-14 has a upside-down "2". Due to some reasons (probably economy) soviet engineers decided to reuse some materials.
For more obvious comparison see the image below.

Got more questions? Feel free to contact us!

We are always happy to answer all your questions. The fastest option is an email. But any other way will be fine too.