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As you might have heard, on the 24th of February 2022 russia invaded Ukraine - our home country. Vile russians started bombing civil cities and military bases. We all woke up 5am in the morning hearing bombs blasting. I hope you never have this experience in your lives...

If You are willing to contribute to our victory and support Ukrainian Armed Forces - please donate to or here.

And of course, russian warship, go fuck yourself!

UPDATE: 10th June 2024: Hooray! All the 6 digit and 4 digit clocks are back in stock. All the orders placed by now will be shipped this week.

Glory to Ukraine!

Who we are and what we do?

We are a small company based in the very heart of Ukraine - the city of Dnipro. We design, create & sell extremely eye-catching high-tech devices - Nixie clocks. Treat yourself or make an unforgettable gift to your friends!

Why to choose our products?


High quality

Only high quality materials and professional skilled workers are involved in production processes. We also try to automate our manufacture as much as possible - all SMT parts are soldered by an automated assembly line, enclosures are milled on a precise CNC machine. As a result the risk of any errors is minimized.

Affordable price

In the past Ukraine had a pair of the Soviet factories, that produced Nixie tubes. Therefore the local prices for Nixie tubes are lower compared to the world market prices. This allows us to offer the most reasonable price.


Support and Warranty

We appreciate all the support and trust of our customers. Every purchase helps us to focus on the further development and improvement of our products. As a fair exchange we offer a lifetime warranty for electronics and 24 month warranty for tubes.


We sell fully assembled and well tested products. Each clock will be equipped with a set of accessories (AC adapter with corresponding plug type; IR control; etc). All the orders will be securely packed to keep the precious clocks intact during shipping. And for sure the shipping is free. No hidden fees and handling charges.

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